In the project of “FIBER LINKS- Taiwan and ASEAN Fiber Craft Online Co-creation project” co-organized with ASEAN Handicraft Promotion and Development Association (AHPADA), we explore the diversity and possibilities from fiber crafts. We also recommend designers and craft communities specialized in fiber crafts to participate in the co-creation in two models—“Taiwan designer + ASEAN community” or “Taiwan community + ASEAN designer”, involving cross-cultural communication through fiber craft. The craft communities collaborate with a number of designers from Taiwan and ASEAN countires to combine their creativity, resulting in 24 sets different types of products.“Fiber Links” has successfully bridged the crafts and cultures between Taiwan and ASEAN countries through fiber craft, across the culture, distances and languages, creating brilliant and beautiful sparks in the process under the persistence and endeavour of the Taiwanese co-curator Kiki Huang and the ASEAN Handicraft Promotion and Development Association Edric Ong, as well as designers and crafters from the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. Looking forward, we hope that we will continue the collaboration between Taiwan and ASEAN countries, to deepen the mutual partnership, and shed light on the beauty of Taiwan’s craft and culture on worldwide and international platform

Introduction to NTCRI

The National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Centre, under the Ministry of Culture, is dedicated to the promotion of craft culture and the development of craft industries. Its business responsibilities include craft research and creation, talent cultivation, craft testing and restoration, research, publication and exhibition, craft collection and value-added application, local craft development, education and promotion of craft aesthetics, craft industry guidance, and international exchange and cooperation.

Introduction to AHPADA

AHPADA, ASEAN Handicraft Promotion & Development Association, is a Non-Governmental Organization associated with ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. It works to create an awareness of Southeast Asian craft products and its artisans, and acts as a regional forum for craft organizations and practitioners in the ASEAN member states to address issues concerning the revitalization, promotion and development of crafts.

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