May Sun Studio X Anyaman Begerang

“Many crafts are the inheritance of local traditions and memories. Different countries can exchange and interact, and use other people’s hands to make their own designs. I find it very interesting.”—Lin Shih-Hua, May Sun Studio

Mee. Textile X Hemp Saithong

“Before, I used to come to the site myself, or make a sample for craftsmen to duplicate. So the unique thing this time was that I could only rely on pictures and videos to learn the texture of hemp. Nuansri’s daughter was truly helpful!” Chung Chiung-Yi (Eileen), founder of Mee. Textile

Essence Design & Craft X Tanoti Crafts

“Essence Design & Craft specializes in pairing and combination of different materials for more modern designs. If we had the opportunity to observe their production onsite, check out every step of their procedure, it would make our probe into the essence even deeper.” ── Lee Ya-Ching, Designer at Essence Design & Craft

Tanoti Crafts X Kakawasan

“We want to thank Leo for saying yes to so many things. Even he tried to say no, we didn’t want to listen to him so we just forced him to say yes. In the end, he did it and it’s beautiful.” ── Tanoti Crafts

Ditta Sandico X LALABAN Xinshe Banana Fiber Workshop

“I’m impressed with how much respect they put to the fiber, as well as how they value their tradition, heritage and culture.” ── Ditta Sandico, Filipino fashion designer

Yiyu Chen X Riverland Farmers,
Pina Weavers and Embroiderers Communities

“The interesting thing about this collaboration is that you see a person with a totally different cultural background, and to a certain degree, you share some common preferences, but the methods are somewhat different. Coupled that with the fact that the discussion was done in a virtual framework, and throughout the process, I felt a bit confused but seemed to also some direction.”—Designer Yiyu Chen

Myra Widiono X Abus Bunun Ramie and Traditional Clothing Studio

“In my opinion, the co-creation products are a success. I’m really happy that Abus has adapted to natural-dye colour, and I’m sure the market’s acceptance in this product, as well as in the future.” ── Myra Widiono, Indonesian fashion designer

Cinta Bumi Artisans X Xinpu Persimmon Dye House

“They are amazing! I love their flexibility and the openness, but also very affirmative with the process.” ── Novita Tourisia, founder of Cinta Bumi Artisans

Korakot Aromdee X Bamboo Society in Tainan

“I want to deliver work experience that has no limits, no excuses, no difficulty, everything can be done. It’s to do or not do.” ──Korakot Aromdee, Thai designer

2nd Corner Studio X Catherine Senia Jugi for Iban basketry

“I think Senia is a very energized person. Although my English is not good, I could feel that everyone was very happy when they chatted, and wanted to be her friends.” ── Huang Wen-Chi, Designer at 2nd Corner Studio

PATAPiAN X Taiwan Yuan-Li Handiwork Association

“This project makes us know that we should always develop to keep up with the world. No matter what obstacles you face and soon every problem will be fine. But if we stop and do nothing we will become obsolete people. Therefore, we should look at new possibilities in every problem we face. ” ── PATAPiAN, Thai Design Duo

Shan Jie Hao bamboo studio X Bidayuh Rattan Mats and Crafts

“When discussing things online with people from other countries or people who are not that familiar with our culture, there will often be a loss of focus due to different linguistic logics; but the design is to use the simplest symbols to represent or produce merchandise, for it is the one thing that can best achieve empathy.”—Jeff Lin, Designer at Shan Jie Hao