May Sun Studio X Anyaman Begerang

Based on the theme of “home” in this collaboration, the designer Huahua interpreted this meaning and the shape of Ranyek as an idea to think about what is essential to be carried in a home or a space. During the pandemic, people can especially sense the subtle changes due to staying at home longer. Therefore, enlarging, shrinking, and adding openings on the Ranyek’s structure in these designs to collect air and light elements, extending her desire of grasping precious things into the space.

Mee. Textile X Hemp Saithong

Eileen Chung shared her memory of past journeys when talking about the process of co-creating Pathway Hat with Hemp Saithong—mothers in Northern Chiang Mai always folded and sewed a piece of woven fabric into a skirt and despite the local impression that only “old women wore this kind of skirt,” this was a simple and slick way of donning a garment to a foreigner like her. Thus, she decided to introduce this concept of “one piece of fabric” to hemp headpiece, adding long fabrics to the hat so the person wearing the hat could freely decide their own style.

Essence Design & Craft X Tanoti Crafts

Focusing on the AJAT weaving of the Penan people, designer Lee Ya-Ching started with “form,” trying to take on the challenge of a new formation technique in addition to the circular form the community specialized in. Eventually, she proposed the idea of flat weaving of the AJAT technique, which was then combined with rattan handles, producing <SCROLL-IN HANDLE Bag>. Developing new possibilities for existing techniques was a new idea to the crafters, but not unachievable. This method of “changing one thing at a time” gave birth to a very urban rattan bag.

Tanoti Crafts X Kakawasan

Striving to create a wonderful and warm living environment, Tanoti Crafts hopes that these two lights can be placed in living rooms, becoming the warmest existences. The large sizes also expand the possibilities of these lights, as they can be placed in department stores or hotel lobbies to simultaneously disperse fragrance and create a warm ambience.

Ditta Sandico X LALABAN Xinshe Banana Fiber Workshop

Compared to the industrialized Filipino Abaca fiber Ditta is familiar with, Taiwanese banana fiber that is completely manually produced appears to be more precious, and due to the different ways of accessing the raw materials, Taiwanese banana fiber is shorter and thinner. Based on her exploration of banana fiber, Ditta develops the Mind Connections placemat collection where she combines fiber and fabric, and introduces the brand-new idea of weaving totems to LALABAN Xinshe Banana Fiber Workshop, strengthening structure and enhancing availability.

Yiyu Chen X Pina Weavers and Embroiderers Communities

Anna India Legaspi is the head of the community and a crafter, and she is the main contact for this collaboration with Yiyu Chen. Sharing same interests in the natural environment and marine ecology, and having no trouble communicating, the two quickly found their rhythm working together. Yiyu sent her creative concepts, and production and practical ideas from afar; acting as Yiyu’s hands, Anna realized the shared memory and emotional links between Taiwan and the Philippines in the pictures: islands and oceans.

Myra Widiono X Abus Bunun Ramie and Traditional Clothing Studio

“Exploring while creating” is the daily life of many crafters, and techniques constantly disappear with the passing of time or older crafters. However, the language of weaving sees no borders, and perhaps the international exchange during this co-creation project is a great way of rediscovering lost arts.

Cinta Bumi Artisans X Xinpu Persimmon Dye House

The natural brown color tone of persimmon dye, to designer Novieta Tourisia, is the color of natural elements like soil, tree trunk, food, and architecture. Circling on the concept of “land,” Novieta created the Sparks of Life collection of tote bags and Kaftan tops.

Korakot Aromdee X Bamboo Society in Tainan

Home, was where Karakot first learned the craft, and therefore, the two works in the Tainan x Karakot collection produced through the project: <Tai Ko> hanging light and <Kora Tainan> screen were both designed for home. Using bamboo strips in natural color, as well as bamboo strips dyed into yellow, red, and green, the works symbolize the closely knitted relationship among everyone in a family.

2nd Corner Studio X Catherine Senia Jugi for Iban basketry

The lead artisan of Catherine Senia Jugi for Iban Basketry, Senia Anak Jugi, is a Malaysian national treasure. When she was a teenager, Senia liked to follow around her grandma and mother to watch how they weaved; she would be by their side cutting up fabrics. That was how it all started. Cooperating designer Wen-chi is also a bamboo crafter herself, and after she learned about the unique “pointy weaving” technique and “bark cloth” material, she decided to try to combine them.

PATAPiAN X Taiwan Yuan-Li Handiwork Association

PATAPiAN’s design concept for the <Forest Bathing> collection of lights came from Japan’s Shinrin-yoko culture, which means walking and breathing in a place with trees and a natural ambience for the body and mind to relax and gain peace.

Shan Jie Hao bamboo studio X Bidayuh Rattan Mats and Crafts

After learning the local story, cooperating designer Jeff Lin decided to derive the designs from the theme of “home.” He asked Sandra: “What will the concept of home remind you of?” Sandra replied furniture and floor mats. After more field studies, Jeff found out that floor mats to the Bidayuh people are like barriers—wherever they lay down a mat, regardless of indoor or outdoor, it will be the place for the family to rest.